Super Friday Night Squid Challenge

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Get ready for a challenge, from the creators of the Super Squid Challenge. With a new twist on the original, Super Friday Night Squid Challenge will have you hooked from the start. Play with a squid friend in the game mode, "Hero Mode" where you get to play as Finn or Marceline.

Friday Night Squid has the game in hand in this one-armed, high-stakes game of chance. They're armed with bolt-action rifles, which enable them to fire bolts in all directions. Can you help? It's a challenging puzzle game, but at the end of it all, will you be the winner? Super Friday Night Squid is a high-intensity arcade game that will challenge your skills and patience to the fullest. This game requires one to complete 12 levels with 3 tunes in each and doesn't hesitate and don't miss any bolt.

Deep in the depths of the ocean lives a squid that is super happy and in search of some great tunes! Join Super Friday Night Squid in this challenge by completing 12 different levels, each with their own tune to play to. I know it sounds difficult, but don't worry! Numbers not only help you count Looking for a challenging puzzle game to play this weekend? Pick up Super Friday Night Squid Challenge and see if you can beat 12 levels of difficult music puzzles! Finish all 12 levels and claim your prize.

Have Fun!