Squid Squad Mission Revenge

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How to play:

Squid Squad Mission Revenge is now not too strange in online game forums. They are famous for their series of movies. A series of challenges set out to test players, but can't make it difficult for you, right! Let's join the fight now
How to play Squid Squad Mission Revenge:
- On the screen will appear a ray of measuring color direction. You can easily aim to take down the leader
- Click to fire bullets and destroy enemies.
- The number of bullets in each level is limited, you need to be skillful when using them.
At each level, when you collect a high score, you will use it to exchange for new and better gas. And of course, that depends on your ability in Squid Squad Mission Revenge. New weapons will help you kill enemies quickly, complete challenges better, and achieve absolute victory. Don't hesitate to start playing right away! You will be surprised at the fun of this game!

Have Fun!