Squid Game Crowd Pusher

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INTRODUCTION: Squid Game Crowd Pusher

Overview of Squid Game Crowd Pusher

Squid Game Crowd Pusher is a game inspired by running games, gathering crowds to form a combo? You will bring characters to join together, each road segment will have more teams. You move the character to and it will add the corresponding amount. At the end of a segment, we will encounter the opponent.

How to play Squid Game Crowd Pusher?

On the way, you will meet crowds of opponents, then you have to observe how many of them are, choose a smaller number than your team to lead everyone through. If you choose a party with a larger number, they will push your party back and lose the battle.

A deadly race is only available at Squid Game Crowd Pusher Quickly move smartly to reach the end of the road, beat your opponent and win.
Do you have the confidence to be the leader, always care about your teammates and take the initiative to lead and cooperate with everyone to win!

Have Fun!