Round 6: The Game

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Welcome to Round 6, the game! Round 6 is a running game where you are given 6 rounds to shoot your way through waves of zombies. You play as a squid who must make it through the rounds by shooting your gun and dodging their attacks. This game is for all ages. You will learn how to survive by killing zombies, gather resources, and buy upgrades to help you in future rounds. If you don't have enough money, then this game may not be for

Welcome to a new world, a twisted and haunting world with only one rule: survive. In Round 6 the Game, you will be faced with a decaying world that is riddled with zombies and other brutal creatures. You must use your wit and cunning to survive the apocalypse. In this game, you will have to scavenge for supplies in order to fight off the hoards of undead that are hunting you down. If you want to make it out of town alive, then your only hope is to stay one step ahead of them all!

Round 6 The Game is a first-person shooter that will test your skills in combat. You start out on the outskirts of town, with some tutorials to help you learn how to fight and survive. Once you reach the center of town, the game shifts into survival mode. This is where you can scavenge for food, find shelter, and keep an eye out for enemies. You'll have to find ways to stay alive as long as possible, while collecting enough food and water so you don’t die of starvation or dehydration! The game will feel like real there are no cheats, hacks, or glitches here! You'll need nerves of steel if you want to survive long enough to win this game. Be sure to eat right and sleep enough before playing! Challenge your friends on Facebook with our built-in leaderboard!

Have Fun!