Riddles of Squid

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Introduction about Riddles of Squid 

With beautifully designed graphics. Inspired by the squid fishing game in the famous Korean movie. You can also be an excellent candidate to win when you pass the levels

How to play Riddles of Squid

At Riddles of Squid all have 3 levels of play.
The first will be the level of playing red and green lights with dolls hiding behind a tree. Click the screen to run. When the doll's eyes turn red, stop, Otherwise, you will lose the battle. Just run until you cross the red line to win, then you will open level 2.
In the 2nd level is play separating the candy from the mold. You will have to move the mouse along the arrow path to remove the star-shaped candy... in the mold. Finished will be moved to the 3rd level.
At this last level, you just need to change the appearance of the girl, then take a picture of the result and save that image.
Very simple, isn't it, join this interesting game right away



Have Fun!