Red Light Green Light

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How to play:

Red Light Green Light (RLGL) is one of the most popular games because it's a classic game. Have you known about it? The title of the game refers to the colors of a traffic light and how to play? It has gameplay quite similar to the finished game but with additional prizes for the nine winners. 

Start playing, the green light is on, you have to run fast towards the finish line. When the girl turns her head, the red light is on, you must not move but standstill until the green light turns on again. Otherwise, you will be removed. After completing a level, you will get a bonus on the right corner of the screen. Each level lasts 59 seconds.

Be careful! Don't move when the Ninja is looking at you! Otherwise, you will be removed by a shuriken! Always keep an eye on the ninjas around. On the off chance that you race as far as possible inside the predetermined time, you will win.

Red Light Green Light will have prizes that players can use the proceeds from the wins to buy new clothes for their characters.

Have Fun!