2048 Squid Game Shapes

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Overview of 2048 Squid Game Shapes

2048 Squid Game Shapes is a play safe for all ages. In today's hot string game, in the arenas, there are many challenges that you have to overcome in the game. At each different level corresponds to different tests. Born from the most popular movie in Korea, 2048 Squid Game Shapes has never disappointed players. The opportunity is in front of you, so why not try this game. Don't miss out, you are sure how long you will survive in this world of form, confidently start right away!

Unlike the green light game, 2048 Squid Game Shapes is a game about learning patterns that is extremely simple but equally interesting. This is the place where you can unleash your creativity and imagination with your friends. Please follow the rules of the game and win absolutely at each level. enjoy simple and fun games for free, wherever you are!

How to play 2048 Squid Game Shapes

Starting this wonderful game, an image of 16 squares will appear in front of your eyes. Where there are two same or different geometries available, your task is to combine them so that when combined will result in a different geometry. Too easy, isn't it! Keep doing this until you get enough points. In ascending order, the number of geometries will vary from circle to triangle, square to rectangle, trapezoid to rhombus...

Try to collect as much geometry step by step as possible. note that you have to be careful to reduce the number of geometries. The best way is to calculate carefully and carefully when participating in the game. You will fail the game if the geometries are added to the empty squares in the picture. 

Controls guide

With computer: use arrow keys to navigate.

With a mobile phone: use your finger to slide directly across the screen in the direction you want.

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Have Fun!